Electro Industries GaugeTech Multiple Vulnerabilities

Vendor: Electro Industries GaugeTech (also marketed under ‘GE Power Leader Web Solutions’ it appears)
Nexus 1250
Nexus 1262
Nexus 1272
Nexus 1500
Product link: http://www.electroind.com/dl_page_nexus-meters.html
Shodan: EIG Embedded Web Server

By default, unauthenticated access, can get information on the power meter as well as:

Reveals internal IP and gateway

According to the Nexus 1500 manual:

NOTE: If password protection is not enabled for the meter, the default username and password are both “anonymous”.

With that default, you can access http://host/update1.htm and upload custom/malicious firmware.

Discovered: 2013-04-10
ICS-CERT notified: 2013-04-11


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