Hirschmann Automation and Control Eagle 20 Defaults

Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH makes an Industrial ETHERNET Firewall EAGLE 20, which identifies as “EagleSDV” via the web interface. The manual gives us the defaults for command line access or web access:

Command Line Interface
Enter a user name. The default setting for the user name is admin. Press the Enter key.
Enter the password. The default setting for the password is private. Press the Enter key.


In the Login drop-down menu, select
– user to have read access to the device
– admin to have read/write access to the device.
The password “public”, with which you have read access, appears in the password field. If you wish to have write access to the device, then highlight the contents of the password field and overwrite it with the password “private” (default setting).
In the Login Type drop-down menu, select
– Administration if you want to manage the device, or
– User Firewall if you want to login for the user firewall function
(prerequisite: the user selected in the Login drop-down menu has already been created in the user firewall).


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