Sunday Shodan Defaults

Just a few more defaults while poking around Shodan!

The Technicolor TG582n has a default according to the manual:

The default password is either blank or the ACCESS KEY printed on the label of your Technicolor Gateway. This depends on the settings chosen by your Service Provider

The Adtran ATLAS 550 manual shows it has a default. (Shodan search)

After connecting to the unit and beginning a terminal session, a login screen appears. The default password for the ATLAS 550 is (all lowercase) password.

MayGion IP cameras (Shodan search) have a default admin account of admin:admin.

Vivotek network cameras (Shodan search) according to the manual have a default persistent administrator account name and no password protection by default:

By default, your Network Camera is not password-protected.
The administrator account name is “root”, which is permanent and can not be deleted.

According to the manual Siemens OpenStage 40 and OpenStage 60 phones (Shodan search) have a default password for the administration menu on the phone but it also works for the web interface: 123456


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