Schneider Modicon M340 for Ethernet Multiple Default Credentials

The Schneider Electric Modicon M340 for Ethernet (identifies as BMX P34 CPU B via HTTP, Shodan search) contains multiple default credentials according to the manual.

This device is marked as Schneider Electric and Telemecanique:



From the manual:

Using an FTP client, store your rules in the file:
user ID: ntpupdate
password: ntpupdate

Default FTP Setup page via HTTP
1 Enter the new username. (The default is USER.)
2 Enter the new password. (The default is USER.)

Default HTTP credentials
1 Enter the new username (default is USER).
2 Enter the new password (default is USER)

The BMX NOE 0110 and BMX NOR 0200H also have the default USER / USER account.



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