Dedicated Micros TransVu Default Credentials

The Dedicated Micros TransVu contains a default password according to the Vehicle Update Server user manual.

This software is interesting as there may be a remote information disclosure issue over wireless:

As a vehicle enters a private WiFi network area, the software interrogates the TransVu by sending a UDP command on port 4052 and registers the software currently installed.

By default the passwords below are used making it trivial to remotely determine the software on the TransVu unit:

Enter the username and password to allow access to the TransVu units (default is DM and Web).

However according to the actual TransVu Media Manager manual there are different defaults for FTP access:

The software will ask for the IP address and security information for the source unit. The default Username is dm and the default Password is ftp. Alternatively you can select to log in anonymously if no passwords have been set on the TransVu unit.


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