Dedicated Micros Eco Range 9/16 DVR Units Default Credentials

The Dedicated Micros Eco Range Eco 9 and Eco 16 DVR units contain several default passwords or unpassworded access according to the user manual.

Default PPP password

Once the remote computer has been configured to dial-up to the Eco, enter the PPP_Link2 IP address that was allocated to the port on the unit to make a remote dial up connection.
NOTE: The IP address used to dial in to the unit is the IP address used for PPP_Link2. The PPP IP address used in System Options->Network Settings->PPP Selection is the base PPP IP Address. The dial in address is one greater than this. Ie if the PPP IP address is defined as “”, the PPP IP address required to connect to the unit is “”.
The unit will request a username and password, as defined in the ‘profiles’ configuration file. The default settings are ‘username’ and ‘password’.

Installation / Menu System

User Password
A password can be set to prohibit unauthorised access to the menu systems. The default setting is Off.

Web Access

If a password has been configured it will be necessary to enter the Username and Password information to gain access to the unit. The default user name and password are dm and web.


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