Dedicated Micros BX2 DVR Multiple Default Passwords

Dedicated Micros BX2 DVRs install with a variety of default credentials according to the manual.

The unit will request a username and password, as defined in the ‘profiles’ configuration file. The default settings are ‘username’ and ‘password’.

User Menu
To enter the User menu tap the Menu key.
Note: If a password has been set and enabled it will be necessary to enter the User password to gain access to the menus. This is disabled by default.

There are a set of default passwords set at the factory. These should be changed as soon as practical to ensure the security of the unit. These default passwords are:
Webpage Configuration : Username = dm Password = web
Video FTP : Username = dm Password = ftp
FTP Admin : Username = dmftp Password = ftp
Telnet : Username = dm Password = telnet
Serial : Username = dmconsole1 No Password as default



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