Novus Temperature Controllers Default Passwords

The Novus N1040, N480D, N960, N1020, N1040i, N1540, N2000, N3000 and N120 Temperature Controller contains a default access password and default master password (trivially generated based on serial number) according to the manual:

The protected levels, when accessed, request the user to provide the Access Password for granting permission to change the configuration of the parameters on these levels. The prompt PASS precedes the parameters on the protected levels. If no password is entered, the parameters of the protected levels can only be visualized. The Access Password is defined by the user in the parameter Password Change (PAS.(), present in the Calibration Level. The factory default for the password code is 1111.

The Master Password is intended for allowing the user to define a new password in the event of it being forgotten. The Master Password doesn’t grant access to all parameters, only to the Password Change parameter (PAS(). After defining the new password, the protected parameters may be accessed (and modified) using this new password. The master password is made up by the last three digits of the serial number of the controller added to the number 9000. As an example, for the equipment with serial number 07154321, the master password is 9 3 2 1.


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