Gemtek WIXB Branded Routers Default Configuration Password

Gemtek WIXB-175 / WIXB-180 WiMAX CPE routers are sold under a variety of brands. The chips apparently come from Beceem and are used in a lot of Gemtek devices.

Gemtek’s WIXB-175 and WIXB-180 CPEs are based on the BCS5200 and are WiMAX Forum Certified™…

For example Wi-Tribe in the Phillipines uses the WIXB-175X204PH model, probably specific to them. According to the manual there is a default password for configuration via the web interface:

WIXB-175X204PH-Liberty User Manual
Step2: Enter the administrator login password to access web management interface. The default Password is witribe.

It looks like the same device is used by CLEAR, a large provider in the United Stated as well. Looking at the CLEAR manual for their router it uses a different default:

To log in to the Modem Home Page, you’ll need to enter a password. The default password is “CLEAR123”.

So while there doesn’t seem to be a default in Gemtek’s devices when they ship other vendors that use their hardware will add their own firmware and set their own defaults.


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