DEIF Wind Power Technology AWC 500 Wind Turbine Multiple Default Accounts

DEIF Wind Power Technology makes the model AWC 500 wind turbine that allows remote access via telnet, SSH and HTTP. According to the manual (dated 2013-06-25) there are default accounts:


With these you can log into the web interface and access a few menu items:




Accessing via telnet works even if the root password has been changed. The system runs on BusyBox:

df:~ # telnet
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.

deif-00-B0-49 login: root
Login incorrect
deif-00-B0-49 login: default
warning: cannot change to home directory
$ ls

You can also fingerprint the device via TCP port 44818 (EtherNetIP) which gives:

Product name: DEIF ML-2)
Vendor ID: 1284
Serial number: 0xcadb00c8
Device type: Communications Adapter
Device IP:


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