Barracuda Load Balancer / ADC Default Admin Credentials

The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC uses a web management interface like most devices today. According to the quick start guide it will use an IP address of and default admin credentials:

Once fully booted, the login prompt appears on your display. Configure the management IP address (the default value is
1. Log in using admin/admin.

The Barracuda Load Balancer uses a physical connection for the initial setup and then a web interface for management. The initial setup requires attaching a keyboard and monitor to the device and uses default admin credentials:

To set a new WAN IP address from the administrative console:
Connect your keyboard and monitor directly to the Barracuda Load Balancer.
At the barracuda login prompt, enter admin for the login and admin for the password. The User Confirmation Requested window displays the current IP configuration of the Barracuda Load Balancer.

Once configured the web interface can be accessed with the same credentials:

To configure administrative settings on the Barracuda Load Balancer:
From a web browser, enter http:// followed by the IP address of the Barracuda Load Balancer, followed by the default web Interface HTTP Port (:8000).
For example:
Log into the administration interface using admin for both the username and password.



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