Dragon Medical 360 Network Edition Nuance Management Console Default Admin Credentials

Nuance Dragon Medical 360 Network Edition has a management server run via HTTP. According to the manual it installs with default credentials:

Logging in to the Nuance Management Server through the Nuance Management Console
3. In the URL line of the browser, enter http:///nmc/Client.xbap, entering your server machine’s IP address (but not the angle brackets). Then click the Go or similar button in the browser. Or, if you know the server name, use its name instead of its IPaddress: http:///nmc/Client.xbap (The URL shown here is based on the location of the .xbap file if you installed the NMS Server under the default directory.) Note that this URL changes if you have a load balancing switch managing traffic to multiple NMS Servers (see the end of this section for details).
4. When the Nuance Management Console login screen appears, enter admin as the user name and password as the password, then click Log on.


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