GE Healthcare TRACERlab FX2 Default Admin Credentials

The GE Healthcare TRACERlab FX2 devices (model C, MeI and N) are “a computer controlled automated system for the production of radiochemicals.” According to the manuals for the FX2 C, FX2 MeI and FX2 N they install with default credentials that can be used by an attacker with physical access to the device:

Versions affected:
S9150 JJ- TRACERLab FX2 C (230 V)
S9150 JK- TRACERLab FX2 C (115 V)
P5360 QC/P5360 QD TRACERlab FX2 MeI, 230 V/115 V
S9150 KE- TRACERlab FX2 N (230 V)
S9150 KF- TRACERlab FX2 N (115 V)

Initials: admin
Password: tracerlab


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