IQeye Cameras Multiple Default Credentials

Vicon makes a series of cameras under the brand IQeye. Depending on the model they ship with different defaults. For example the V9360 Hemispheric Camera with Advanced WDR has default admin credentials for the Web Configurator:

When the login window displays, input default user and password:
Default User: Admin Password: 123456

The CE202D-N Series comes with a different set of defaults for the admin user:

Note: The default administrator username is “ADMIN” and password is “1234”.

Most of their models allow Telnet access to TCP port 21 for advanced configuration. These models include the IQeye101, IQvav, IQeye3, IQeye301, IQeye302, IQeye303, IQeye501,
IQeye510, IQeye511, IQeye601, IQeye602, IQeye603, IQeye701, IQeye702, IQeye703, IQeye705, IQeye711, IQeye751, IQeye752, IQeye753, IQeye755, IQeye811, IQeye802, IQeye803, IQeye805,
IQeye852, IQeye853, and IQeye855. According to the reference manual released 2007-11-06 they have defaults:

% telnet

At the resulting Password> prompt, enter SYSTEM, the default privileged password.

Local> set privileged
Password> system (not echoed)

Login control enables a general password protection for your entire camera. When login control is active, no one can gain access to your camera or view images without entering the appropriate username and password. Login control applies to all incoming connection attempts (FTP, HTTP, telnet, etc.). The default login control username and password are:
username = login
password = access

Privileged mode also controls password protection during telnet and connections. During such connections, users must enter the appropriate password to change any of the camera’s settings. When a user becomes the privileged user, the privileged prompt (usually Local>>) will appear. The default privileged mode username and password are:
username = root
password = system


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