Emerson Network Power Devices (now Vertivco) Multiple Default Passwords

Emerson Network Power devices, now owned by Vertivco, have many devices with default credentials!

Database admin Administrator of the database: mtpadmin
Database admin password: admin
Database user: mtpuser
Database user password: passw0rd

Web Interface:
When the login page loads, enter Passw0rd123 in the Password field

MergePoint SP5324/SP5340 appliance:
a. Log into the console port as root with the default password avocent.

MergePoint SP5300 Web Interface:
Type admin as the username and type admin as the password

Managing MergePoint SP manager user accounts
The default user account username and password are both admin.

Managing Default Users (Admin users only)
(there are a lot of them!!)

By default, two passwords are required to access the HMX user station via the transmitter. One password controls access to the user station, the other password controls access to
the transmitter. In both cases, the default password is password.

Web Interface:
The ATS Remote Annunciator login page should appear.
Enter the default Login ( admin ) and Password ( ASCO ) from the label (see page 2) and click Login.

Serial Console:
When prompted, enter the username admin with the default password pm8.

Serial console
One password controls access to the user station, the other password controls access to the transmitter. In both cases, the default password is password.

NetSure -48V DC Power System
NetSure 4015 30kW 400V DC Power System
To Enter a Password:
If a password screen opens, a password must be entered to allow the User to make adjustments. To enter a password, with the cursor at the User Name field (default is “Admin”), press the down arrow key to move cursor down to the password line. Press ENT. “0” is highlighted. Press the up arrow key once to change the “0” to ”1” (default password is “1”), then press ENT twice. (Note: If you have been assigned a unique User Name and password, follow this procedure to enter these.)

NetSure -48 VDC Power System
If a password screen opens, a password must be entered to allow the User to make adjustments. To enter a password, use the UP and DOWN keys to move the cursor to the Enter Password field. Press ENT. Use the UP and DOWN keys to choose a character. Press ENT to accept and move to the next character. Continue this process until all characters are entered. Press ENT again to accept the password. The default password is 640275.

Control and configuration capabilities are protected by a username and password combination.
Optionally, status information can be password-protected. The default username is “Liebert” and the default password is also “Liebert.”

General User
Username User Viewing privileges only—no access to configuration or control functions
Password User

A password is required for the first parameter configured during an editing session. After entering a valid password, you can configure multiple parameters. The default password is 0 (zero).

A password is required to change unit settings. The default password is “Liebert.”

AXP 1410
user name: root
password: root

Avocent OnSite Appliance
When the OnSite is turned on, the appliance will display the login screen for the on-screen display. Enter admin as the login name, then enter the default password cyclades to display the main menu.

When you first access the switch, you will be prompted through the Terminal window to enter a username.
a. Enter the username admin. By default, a password is not required.

To install the AMWorks software for the first time:
Run the AMWorks software. You will be prompted to type a password. The default password is password. To change the password, refer to the AMWorks software online help program.

MergePoint SP5x24/SP5x40 manager:
a. Log into the console port as root with the default password Sydney.



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