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IQeye Cameras Multiple Default Credentials

January 6, 2016

Vicon makes a series of cameras under the brand IQeye. Depending on the model they ship with different defaults. For example the V9360 Hemispheric Camera with Advanced WDR has default admin credentials for the Web Configurator:

When the login window displays, input default user and password:
Default User: Admin Password: 123456

The CE202D-N Series comes with a different set of defaults for the admin user:

Note: The default administrator username is “ADMIN” and password is “1234”.

Most of their models allow Telnet access to TCP port 21 for advanced configuration. These models include the IQeye101, IQvav, IQeye3, IQeye301, IQeye302, IQeye303, IQeye501,
IQeye510, IQeye511, IQeye601, IQeye602, IQeye603, IQeye701, IQeye702, IQeye703, IQeye705, IQeye711, IQeye751, IQeye752, IQeye753, IQeye755, IQeye811, IQeye802, IQeye803, IQeye805,
IQeye852, IQeye853, and IQeye855. According to the reference manual released 2007-11-06 they have defaults:

% telnet

At the resulting Password> prompt, enter SYSTEM, the default privileged password.

Local> set privileged
Password> system (not echoed)

Login control enables a general password protection for your entire camera. When login control is active, no one can gain access to your camera or view images without entering the appropriate username and password. Login control applies to all incoming connection attempts (FTP, HTTP, telnet, etc.). The default login control username and password are:
username = login
password = access

Privileged mode also controls password protection during telnet and connections. During such connections, users must enter the appropriate password to change any of the camera’s settings. When a user becomes the privileged user, the privileged prompt (usually Local>>) will appear. The default privileged mode username and password are:
username = root
password = system


Sony Network Camera SNC-RH124 Web Interface Default Admin Credentials

September 11, 2015

The Sony Network Camera SNC-RH124 uses a web interface to access the camera feed and configure it. According to the manual and tested against a camera running firmware 1.34.00 it comes with default credentials:


Hikvision Network Cameras Web Intrface Default Admin Credentials

May 14, 2015


Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company makes a line of network IP cameras. According to the manual the web interface installs with default administrator credentials. The user manual provides a list of all the affected models on page 2.

The default IP address is and the port number is 8000. The default user name is admin, and password is 12345.

S3 N1031 / N1072 Box IP Camera Web Interface Default Admin Credentials

February 16, 2014

The S3 N1031 (firmware V1.07_STD-1) and N1072 (firmware V1.01_STD-1) “box” IP cameras (Shodan search) contain a default web interface password.

user: 3sadmin
password: 27988303

Seon Explorer MX-HD DVR Default Password

February 14, 2014

The Seon Explorer MX-HD Basic and Plus Mobile DVR contains a default password according to the manual.

CAUTION: DVR Password Security
The default password is 11111111. For security purposes, Seon recommends that the user default login
and system settings passwords should be changed. Seon is not responsible if the password is lost or


S3 Cube IP Cameras Web Interface Default Admin Credentials

February 9, 2014

S3 Cube IP cameras (Shodan search) contain default admin credentials for the web interface in the following models / firmware:

N8071 V1.04_STD-1, V1.03_STD-1, V1.06_STD-1
N8072 V1.04_STD-1
SI9122 V1.06_STD-1

user: 3sadmin
password: 27988303

S3 N5013 / N5071 Multiple Vulnerabilities

February 2, 2014

The S3 N5013, N5013 37X and N5071 Speed Dome cameras (Shodan search) have default admin credentials on the following models and firmware:

N5013 V1.00_STD-1
N5013 37X V1.00_STD-1
N5071 V1.02 STD-1, V1.03_STD-1

user: 3sadmin
password: 27988303

While looking at the information on the cameras I found a changelog for the N5071 1.03 STD-1 release that may indicate a remote denial of service being fixed:

Version: V1.03 STD-1
Release Date: 2012/06/19

Fix bug which system will reboot if streaming reconnect very often.

S3 9071 Mini Dome IP Camera Web Interface Default Admin Credentials

January 25, 2014

The S3 9071 Mini Dome IP Camera (Shodan search) contains default admin credentials. Tested on firmware versions V1.07_STD-1 and V1.09.1_STD-1:

user: 3sadmin
password: 27988303

S3 S2071 / S4071 IP Video Server Web Interface Default Admin Credentials

January 18, 2014

The S3 S2071 and S4071 IP Video Servers (Shodan search) contain default credentials. According to a manual, it is root/root. The Shodan search had a note showing it is 3sadmin / 27988303 which seems to work on several models including:

S4071 IP Video Server Firmware V1.04_STD-1
S2071 IP Video Server Firmware V1.04_STD-1, V1.03_STD-1

Dedicated Micros BX2 Default Admin Credentials

January 3, 2014

The Dedicated Micros BX2 device installs with default admin credentials according to the user manual. According to the vendor, the BX2 is a “cost effective and easy to use video multiplexer, digital video recorder, single channel audio recorder, and network video transmitter in a one box solution.”

It will be necessary to enter a username and password at this point, the default username and password is user and password.