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Omron NS-Series Programmable Terminals Web Interface Default Credentials

April 21, 2015

Omron NS-Series Programmable Terminals which include NS12-TS01-V2, NS10-TV01-V2, NS8-TV01-V2, NS5-SQ11-V2, NS5-TQ11-V2 and NS5-MQ11-V2, have default credentials for web access according to the manual.

Enter the user name and password.
The factory settings for the user name and password are as follows.
User name default
Password default


WAGO 758 Series IPC Controller Default Accounts

April 17, 2015

The WAGO 758 Series IPC controller has several default accounts. According to the wording of the documentation all of their IPCs probably have the same:

The WAGO IPCs are shipped with several different user names and default passwords.
– Root / wago
– Admin / wago
– User / user
– Guest /guest